The House with The Georgian Door


Nora Fallon’s going home … to Ireland! But she’s running away too. Nora quits a lucrative career in a London publishing house to open a bed and breakfast. Despite her enthusiasm for the new venture, her motives aren’t purely business. Leaving her career, Nora is also abandoning the man she loves but can’t have – Dylan Cooney.

Returning to the small town of Boyle where she grew up, Nora is determined to make a complete break from her life in London. She purchases an old home on the edge of town and restores it to its former glory. As she strives to make the Cara Maith B&B a success, she pushes the thoughts of one man from her mind as new and old friends appear complicating her life in Ireland.

Just as she’s attempting to stand on her own, she’s jolted by a series of unexpected events with the potential to jeopardize her happiness. Nora is forced to confront her past and deal with a piece of news that will change her life forever.

Author, Anna Marie Jehorek masterfully weaves a compelling tale of one woman’s determination to face her demons and ghosts from yesterday while creating a new life, today. Nora Fallon will have you cheering for her success, hoping she’ll find love, and wanting to stay at The House with The Georgian Door.

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