The Cottage On Lough Key


Gemma O’Connor stands on the edge of a cliff contemplating what should be the happiest day of her life. The young teacher was weeks away from her fiancé’s return from war. Marine Captain Brad Mitchell, the love of her life, was coming home and the two were going to finish plans for their wedding and life together. But when the helicopter Brad’s traveling in is shot down over Afghanistan, Gemma’s forced to forge a new plan and face an entirely different life from the one she envisioned. 

Escaping sad memories at home in North Carolina, Gemma travels to Ireland to spend the summer with her father’s family. Her Uncle Tom offers her the use of his fishing cottage on Lough Key near the town of Boyle; it’s here she begins healing. The scenic town and countryside supplies a creative outlet for her when she picks up an old hobby with renewed love. Photography becomes therapy and leads to recognition and financial reward. She finds friendship in a kindred spirit, Declan Gallagher, who knows first-hand the kind of deep loss Gemma has suffered. Gemma’s time in Ireland also leads to a chance encounter with Paul Blair. 

The handsome, charming American is taken with Gemma and she’s on the verge of opening her heart once more when a series of mysterious communications threatens to disrupt her progress. Gemma must take steps to discover the truth – the truth about her heart’s desires and the truth about whom she can trust. Debut author Anna Marie Jehorek takes us on a trip that will resonate with readers long after the book’s memorable conclusion. The Cottage on Lough Key is a graceful and poignant tapestry of emotions masterfully woven together in a classic story of love, loss and loving once again.

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