30 Daily Writing Prompts By Anna Marie Jehroek

Writing is a skill that develops over time with work and practice. In many ways, it’s like playing a musical instrument. One must practice, practice, practice! Writing prompts are the perfect way to train and are a tried-and-true method of honing skills while kick-starting your creative process.

Anna Marie Jehorek created Write here, Write now, 30 Daily Writing Prompts as a fun and easy method to get the creative juices flowing.

Why 30 days? 

Experts claim if you do any activity consistently for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. By writing every day these next 30 days, you’ll cultivate an outstanding habit you’ll want to continue. When you commit to writing daily, you will find the ideas will begin to come quickly and words will find their way to the page easily.

Watch the video to learn more or if you’re ready to start writing now, click the link.

Happy Writing!

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