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Books and Traveling go hand-in-hand.

 How many books have inspired you to travel to a destination?

How many trips have been planned based upon a novel or short story you read?

There’s something magically inspirational about travel that comes to life in the pages of a great book.

For me, my love of traveling paired with my passion for writing came together while visiting Ireland. I faithfully keep a journal each time I travel there. From the moment I climb aboard the plane until the final walk down the jetway upon my return, I’m taking notes. I keep a journal to remember the places I go, things I see, the places I dine, even the songs I hear on the radio. I want to capture these memories so I can look back and reminisce.

However, when it comes to my travels to the Emerald Isle, something more is at play. Beyond wanting to capture memories with my journals, I want to keep writing and create an entirely new and different story set in the places I visit.

My passion for Ireland, its scenery, its character, and its people turn into the backdrop for my novels. Writing about something I’m passionate about is a joy and I love crafting stories that take place in these enchanting locations.

Wherever I travel, I want to learn more about the location. For me, there’s nothing more exciting than reading a novel set in a place while I’m visiting that place! Moreover, it’s incredible creating an itinerary based upon the places I’ve read about in a book or in the works of a favorite author.

Signing books in Boyle, Ireland

Finding great books to read about a destination is also a wonderful way to travel without leaving home. Great fiction transports us to foreign lands and locations we’ve only visited in our dreams. In fact, it’s my objective to take my readers along with me to Ireland when I’m writing. I want readers to be totally swept away and feel as if they have been to Ireland by the time they’ve finished the book.

I hope you’ll read one of my books and let me know if you’ve taken the trip to Ireland with me. Or, if there’s a great book about a destination you would like to share, let me know. I’m always eager to share new and upcoming writers and great stories with my readers.

Reading Yeats in Yeats Country, brilliant!

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